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An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Zuhair Murad 2015 Resort

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and Uhura

whose name means freedom 

she walks in beauty like the night

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#47 years in space

O timid flame, we’re breaking 
through the atmosphere again, our orbit lost.
I knew we would.


O timid flame, we’re breaking
through the atmosphere again, our orbit lost.
I knew we would.

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Rani + Sonia l Las Caletas, Puerto Vallarta from Wedding Caletas on Vimeo.

The Wedding of Rani & Sonia at Las Caletas, Jalisco. Mexico
March 14th, 2014
By: Vallarta Adventures
Cinema by: Sandra Briones



Lesbian Indian Wedding:Rani+Sonia

Finally I come across my first ever Indian lesbian wedding. I’m super happy to be coming across this wedding. This is Epic because I’ve been getting so many asks about a Lesbian Indian wedding. So happy they got married in Mexico the location is stunning.

Video by:Wedding Caletas


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So I got a commission to make the shirt and then I just decided to draw Steve in it (prints here)

This is amazing and I want one of those t-shirts, except I live in England so I could never wear it.

Oh man but yours is even better
You get “It’s Queen AND Country” 




So I got a commission to make the shirt and then I just decided to draw Steve in it (prints here)

This is amazing and I want one of those t-shirts, except I live in England so I could never wear it.

Oh man but yours is even better

You get “It’s Queen AND Country” 

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can i just talk for a minute about how much child prodigy newt does not make sense? i mean, here is a dude who hates authority, and you don’t learn to hate authority by getting everything you need and want in life from childhood. the seed of cynicism plants itself in you at a young age, not just because you’re some cishet white guy who listened to the sex pistols and learned what a feminism was.

you’ve got a Bad Brain, and you are taught by teachers that you are bad. sure, the kid is smart, he even corrects the teacher from time to time. but he’s so angry and scatterbrained and he talks back and he throws out his homework. you get him Tested but it turns out diagnosing a kid is not easy. the go-to is always adhd and if the meds don’t work for that you are shit out of luck. so you grow up failing and learning you are a time bomb of wasted potential, and you internalize it and become bitter, so bitter. you hate your teachers, you hate your psychiatrists, and some days you even hate your parents. all the adults are against you and that’s how you become someone who hates authority.

if newt got his way and charmed his teachers enough to get him into college at 14, 15, continuing to get his way enough to breeze through 6 phds, who would he have to hate? who is he to call his authority figures “fascists” and protest alongside women for more accessible education? whose hand does he have to fear and resent?

in terms of privilege, newt is nothing beacham would have you believe. kids like him get treated poorly for their brains, not rewarded. you reclaim yourself by working hard, and it doesn’t come easy.

Okay, I tried to think of a way to phrase this politely, but… well, I think I’m just going to have to be blunt.

Have you ever talked to a “child prodigy”?

'cause there are some… definite misunderstandings here that really need clearing up.

First off, some personal background: I was one of those “child prodigies.” On paper, I skipped second grade, was further accelerated in math, and took supplementary classes at the local university through high school. In practice, more than half my high school classes were at college level. And, since I was in an organization for profoundly gifted (or PG) kids up until I was 18, I know a whole lot of others, including people who, yes, started college at 14 or 15. This includes people of numerous genders and orientations and quite a few neuroatypical people. I myself am probably on the autism spectrum.

So speaking as someone who a) went through the American public school system as a twice-exceptional PG kid and b) is good friends with a lot of other people who also did, I would like to say that Newt is exactly, exactly the kind of antiauthoritarian I would expect from someone of that kind of background.

The American school system is terrible to really smart kids. Yes, I realize this sounds like First-World-Problems-style whining to a lot of people- “Oh no, I’m too smart, school is too easy, waaah.” But it’s still true.

All a lot of schools care about are test scores. As such, they will often fight tooth and nail against any suggestion of grade acceleration, even though it’s pretty definitively proven to be better for PG kids’ social development in the long term, because if they let a PG kid skip a grade they lose a year of high test scores from them. The only reason I got my gradeskip (and believe me, I could have skipped another year or two with no problem) is that I was getting physically ill because school was such a torture chamber of boredom. And that was at a good school, in a college town, with an actual gifted program- it’s much worse for people in districts without those resources.

Acceleration is never given as a reward, even- or especially- to those who need it the most.

All the problems with administration that you might have encountered in public schools? PG kids don’t get treated any better just because they’ve got “good brains.” I was mercilessly bullied throughout late-elementary and middle school, for instance, and the school willfully ignored it to the point that my parents had to threaten a lawsuit before they’d even let me change my seat in class. Sometimes they’ll even use good grades as an excuse to ignore you- I have a friend who tried to go to the counselor at her school because she was having suicidal ideations, and the counselor took one look at her grades and decided there couldn’t possibly be anything wrong, because she was clearly doing so well.

And this is without even getting into the twice-exceptional bit. A lot of people headcanon Newt as either neuroatypical or with some form of mental illness, and the thing about having that as a PG kid is that it often goes undiagnosed because your grades are good. My brother, for instance, has absolutely classic ADHD, and my mother (who’s an occupational therapist and studies disability and human development for a living) recognized it when he was a toddler. However, we couldn’t get the school to recognize it for years because he scored well on anything that was put in front of him- rather than accept that he was a profoundly gifted kid with ADHD, they treated him as simply poorly-behaved.

And that’s just scratching the surface. I’ve had teachers who resented and picked on kids for being smarter than they were. I had my test scores illegally released without my knowledge or consent because the school wanted to brag. I was told I wouldn’t be allowed to graduate high school because of my grade acceleration. I spent several years shoved into the back of a classroom with a textbook and a stack of worksheets because that was the only way the school knew how to handle me. I once received a zero on an assignment because the teacher decided that I’d finished it too fast, so I must have been cheating.

And that’s just me.

So yes, give me what you’re calling “child prodigy” Newt. Give me a kid who had to fight tooth and nail for schoolwork that even came close to challenging him, who was always seen as a problem child for things he couldn’t control, who tried to go for help to the people he’d been told would help him and was all but laughed at.

Because there is plenty of goddamn way for a kid to be accelerated in school and come out of it resenting the hell out of the authority.

And like. I’m not trying to call you a bad person or bash you for this post or anything, but. It’s really clearly made from a position of not knowing anything about the group it’s talking about. And I can’t really blame you for that, since most of what people hear about “child prodigy” types is the TV Genius (TM) trope, and kids are rarely allowed to have voices, especially when those voices are calling out poor treatment by school and society.

But as someone who is in that group, and knows a lot of people who are, I have… well, as one of my common tags puts it, rather strong opinions on this subject.

So please, please, for the love of all that is holy, do not denigrate the amount of crap that PG kids of any level of acceleration have to put up with.

Thank you and good night.

I was given the option to skip second grade and my parents wouldn’t let me, because I was “already having enough trouble making friends” and they thought that somehow I would suddenly be able to make friends with the same 65 people at my tiny private school after only making 2 friends in my entire 1st grade year.

But whatever.

I was in what passed for my school’s Gifted program (which was sadly lacking, though better than anything the public schools in the area had), I rarely got a score on anything other than the occasional spelling test under 97%, and my IQ tested more than once (around 3rd grade and again around 8th) at around 175-180.

I had a bit of a performance collapse after 6th grade thanks to a complete lack of medication/therapy/skill teaching to manage my ADHD (which I was diagnosed with at age 12 and my parents literally never ever once informed me of) but I performed well in enough classes over the years that I ran up against people being completely incapable of properly helping me. 

For example, I took and aced algebra 1 my 8th grade year, then transferred to a different school for 9th grade. As I tested out of it in my placement test, they put me in a higher level class - algebra 2 honors, an 11th grade honors glass.  Despite the fact that their course assumed you’d taken geometry already (I had not).  So because I was in honors programs at one school, I either had to re-take a course I’d already passed, or I had to take an honors-level course that assumed I had a working knowledge of geometry and thus had to try to learn geometry on my own through the context in my textbook and also learn algebra 2.

And even before all that, I was consistently expected even as a very small child to always be perfect, to always have near-perfect grades.  I was scolded and even punished if I performed lower than expected, EVEN IF I STILL PERFORMED BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE IN MY ENTIRE GRADE. 

ALL OF THIS TO SAY that I was a child prodigy, though not the sort who went to college at 14.  And even if things hadn’t gone kind of bad thanks to a combination of disability and poor support for someone at my level?  I was still well on the way to resenting authority.  Newt is definitely the type of person I would think was probably a child prodigy. 

Also, has all of fandom ever forgotten that Tony Stark fits the same exact former child prodigy archetype that Newt fits into?  Because I never see anyone saying it doesn’t make sense for TONY to be a child prodigy.

I had to reread OP’s first paragraph three times before it sank in that yes, OP was in fact equating “child prodigy” with “getting everything you need and want in life from childhood.”

Either they’re using “child prodigy” to mean something entirely different from every way I’ve ever heard it used, or I don’t even have words for how wrong they are.

(Also: even if you don’t run into genuinely abusive authority?  If you’re a super-smart kid, you will distrust authority purely because you get really sick of people claiming to know better than you on the grounds that they’re in charge and you’re not.)

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aquarium headboard

clear bathtub

sleepover room


color pallet door

tree house kids bedroom


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Disney ladies + gorgeous hair

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people who dislike ellen degeneres make me so uncomfortable

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